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Racing Engine Oil P40

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Racing Engine Oil P40

API Gravity: 28.9
Viscosity, Kinematic cSt at 40°C: 150
cSt at 100°C: 15.0
Viscosity, Cold Crank, “C/Poise: -15/80
Viscosity Index: 100
Flash Point, “C(°F): 259(498)
Pour Point, °C(°F): -33(-27)

Racing Engine Oil P40

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Introduction: NEO High Performance Motor Oils are fully formulated based on NEO’s chemical technology. NEO High Performance Motor oils operate with more stamina due to the composition or their friction modifiers, resulting in greater frictional reducing properties and lower fuel consumption Product Description: NEO P-Series Racing Motor Oils are specially engineered petroleum version of high performance synthetic motor oils formulated for use in small engines as well as high horsepower racing engines. They are not for use in 2-cycle engines. For API Services CG-4, CF-4, CF-2 SJ and SH. they provide superior protection over a wide range of service applications in both summer and winter operation. NEO Lubricants meet and exceed manufacturer’s warranty requirements by providing less drag at lower temperatures, and more power at elevated temperatures, a result of vastly improved thermal stability and shearing lubrication. This achievement or modern high technology chemistry offers a superior alternative to ordinary oil. Application: NEO High Performance Lubricants work great in any engine where high RPM’s high loads and a heavy viscosity is needed. It’s perfect for all racing engines including NASCAR, drag racing, top fuel engines, and marine and off-road, It works lust as well in the everyday passenger car or commercial vehicle, including Harley Davidson’s Motorcycles Advantages: NEO High Performance Lubricants contain a specially formulated additive package, which causes a plating action which impregnates the metal surfaces, thereby improving the surface metal finish and developing a smoother surface, thus lowering friction. Engine oil is the principle coolant for the pistons, main bearings, rod bearings and camshaft. It alone removes up to 18% of the heat that is generated by the engine. NEO has a greater tolerance to heat than most synthetic oils which begin to lose actual volume from exposure to heat at 115°C or 239°F. This greater beat tolerance also translates into longer engine life. NEO High Performance Lubricants withstand thermal breakdown and maintain its viscosity better than any other motor oils, and to provide the ultimate in uncompromised engine protection. The internal combustion engine has several metal-to-metal moving parts. In highly loaded parts such as camshafts and valve lifters, the oil film is squeezed so thin that it breaks down. When the film strength breaks down, dangerous metal-to-metal contact can occur, turning an expensive engine into scrap metal. By using NEO, oil consumption is minimized or even eliminated by our careful blend and only the finest base stocks and additives available.

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