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is the 5000-year old science of health and longevity that forms the core of traditional Indian and Tibetan medicine. And the lifestyle, healing modalities, and its many bodywork treatments of Ayurveda make it today's most sought after form of traditional medicine for people looking to reduce stress, heal, and experience rejuvenation. Ayurveda is also the most successful holistic health paradigm in the spa and beauty industries. Massage therapists, aestheticians, personal trainers, and wellness counselors working privately, in clinics, day and destination spas are seeing every day the benefits that Ayurveda is bringing to their clients - and their business.

What Does Diamond Way Ayurveda Offer in this time of COVID 19?

Co-directed by Melanie and Robert Sachs, we are a company dedicated to the preservation of the body work methods from Tibet and India by offering training, products, educational materials, and one-on-one services originating from or inspired by the Ayurvedic traditions of both India and Tibet.
During this challenging time and in keeping with California state and CDC guidelines, we are limiting one-on-one services and in-person classes.  See below for details of our offerings until further notice.



Many of our treatment protocols are already in virtual and DVD and print formats.  They can be used for your needed CE's, approved by both AMTA and ABMP.  And to make these trainings more personal to your needs, we are happy to arrange one-on-one or team tutorials via Zoom.  Email or call for details. 
Know that in the future we shall - once again -  teach one of our treatment sequences monthly on both East and West Coasts.  And, if a training is not on the schedule, you can always coordinate one in your area.

When live trainings are possible, we have 1,2, and 3 day formats. Our 1 and 2 day trainings are exclusively practical hands on training. Our 3 day trainings focus on hands on training but also include a strong background in the theoretical aspects of Ayurveda as they apply to being able to give the best customized service to clients.  Most aestheticians can also receive CE hours, but need to contact their associated boards.


Face Wand Training is a special 1-day class and cost $195 - with the Kansa Wand included in the price (7 CE hours)

Two-Day Practical Classes: $295 (14 CE hours)

Three-Day Classes: $395 (21 CE hours)

Currently, there are NO in-person group classes scheduled

Tutorials arranged to suit your schedule -  $200 per day - these ARE available

HOME STUDY Options: $80 - with discounts if you have either our spa book or DVDs already (3 CE hours)

To see our current schedule of Classes, click HERE

Diamond Way Ayurveda Treatment Sequences include

 - Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation

 - Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga

 - PediKarma™

 - Tibetan Shirodhara

 - Tibetan Chakra Stone Massage

 - Tibetan Blissful Sleep

 - Face Kansa Wand Sequences


 * A description of each of the Services can be found on our SERVICES tab.  And, after you have trained in one of our methods., you are welcome to use our descriptions for your treatment menu.

We also offer a special 5-day Training in the various techniques Ayurvedic practitioners need to offer PANCHA KARMA services. All Diamond Way Ayurveda trainers are also available for in house staff training at your spa or for teaching groups. These trainings can be tailored to meet your spa's needs. Melanie and Robert are available for such trainings worldwide. 


Our classes are supported by our books and training DVD’s. Melanie’s book, Ayurvedic Beauty Care, was the first of its kind be published in the west. And our book, Ayurvedic Spa, is the first book to teach Tibetan body work techniques that are integrated into spa therapies. WE also write regularly for professional journals, including Les Nouvelles Esthetique, Dermascope, Skin Inc., and have been featured in Day Spa, Marie Claire, and Yoga Fit, to name a few.


As we were one of the first companies to introduce Ayurveda to the spa industry, we found it necessary develop and manufacture the products and equipment necessary to perform our treatments. Our spa products are made with high quality, organic essential oils and are designed to please those who prefer more western aromas. Most of our equipment items are manufactured by local artisans and craftsmen in the USA. Other equipment is sourced with the same high standards in mind.

We introduced to the spa and beauty industries KANSA - the healing metal of India.  Along with tradition designs, we have innovated more designs to suit the needs of clients and professionals and carry a full range of kansa wands for massage and aesthetics .  We have also introduced Kan-Gua, gua sha tools made of this amazing metal.  A full range of these are also available.

Our products and equipment are available both for RETAIL and WHOLESALE purchase. They are all professional quality, but you do not need to be a professional to order from us, either on our website or by phone.


Both Robert and Melanie are massage professionals and are currently offering energy treatments and gentle detoxification treatments.  See our SERVICES for details. WE continue to offer  Ayurvedic consultations, lifestyle and general counseling services, along with astrological and LifeLine technique sessions.   /   805-904-6408   /   P.O. Box 13753  San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

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