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Special Offers

Click on the 'play' buttons to hear short audio excerpts from some of our editions, played electronically from the musical notation of the actual editions. Because of space and copyright restrictions, only short excerpts from each piece or movement can be played. First, Steve Larson's Suite for Three Recorders (CC047: three movements; then Poulenc's Trio for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone in a recorder quartet arrangement (CC011: three movements); part of the eighth suite of the Nymphs of the Rhine (B036); and part of the 4th Fantazia and 5th Almand from Hingeston's Suites for treble and 2 bass viols and organ (VC074)

New! Excerpted 5th movement (Gigue) from the G minor Sonata in Timothy Ariel Walden's new "Two Sonatas in Baroque Style" (CI023); played from Sibelius files, with ornaments fashioned by PRB: we are sure you could do better with a real recorder!
William Lawes' Harp Consorts (PRB VC062) are performed on a new CD (ATMA Classique ACD2 2372) by Maxine Eilander, Harp, with Les Voix Humaines: Stephen Stubbs, Theorbo & Guitar; David Greenberg, Violin; Susie Napper and Margaret Little, Violas da Gamba. Here is a short excerpt from the third section of the Pavan on a theme by Cormacke

2nd row, No. 3: Opening measures of Sonata No. 3 by Franz Xaver Hammer (our Edition CL008), played by Simone Eckert with the Hamburger Ratsmusik on their new CD: Christophorus CHR 77303.
2nd row, No. 4: selected short passages from the six pieces in ED010, Belinda Reynolds' Custom Made Music, Vol. 3, for Clarinet. See our Online Catalog for details: the six excerpts are of Reflection, Top Spin (solo); Blocks, Angles (duet); Light, Sparks (clarinet and piano).

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