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Biker's Outfitter Saddlebags are called the "World's Finest Saddlebags" for a reason. Once you have a set in your hands you will see what sets us apart from every other saddlebag manufacturer. Every bag is hand made with the finest materials. For our leather saddlebags, we use a heavy 10-12 ounce leather that is cut out of only the cleanest parts of the hide. This process creates more waste per saddlebag but it ensures that the bags will not have any areas that are weak or stretched out. For our synthetic leather bags, we use a heavy waterproof and UV resistant material that holds up to the abuse of the road, ensuring years of problem free use.

The real key to why are bags hold up so well is the inner construction. For our bolt-on model bags, we line them with a thick plastic on the face and gussetts to prevent any sagging as well as providing a heavy ABS plastic to the back. This ensures that the bags will not collapse or sag even with years of use, while providing the same "new" look as when you bought. When it comes to assembly, we use the heaviest 138 weight thread that requires special machinery. When you have your riding gear in your bags you never have to worry about any stitching coming loose and then losing your gear all over the road. You end up having a rigid, heavy duty bag that performs like fiberglass hard bags without the price.

Some other key features are the heavy duty quick release clips hidden underneath the buckles. You can access your bags in a second or two. You don't have to fumble with buckles any longer. Most models have a beautiful braiding on the border of the lids giving them a nice touch. However, we can make them without if you prefer. You have the option of getting our bags with chrome plated brass studs to complent your seat or any other chrome accessories that you have on your bike.


A new feature of our hinged bags are the rigid shaped tops that allow a beautiful curved look that follows the lines of the rear fender on any bike. They are made of hard materials and a fiberglass layered system that is absolutely solid.  This tight seal prevents any water or road dirt from getting inside the bags.The heavy duty chrome plated hinge is bolted in and hidden underneath the lid. Features that you will not find in any other bags.

As for our traditional bolt-on saddlebags, like our SB140BR, the top cover has a carry handle sewn on the top for easy removal of the bags. The covers are made of a double layer material that will not collapse and sag with years of use. They also have  waterproof raincovers with velcro to keep your valuables safe and clean.

With all of our bolt-on bags you can use the Edge Bracket which is a quick detachable saddlebag support system that allows you to take your saddlebags on and off in seconds. They are lockable, well made and when they come off there is no bracket attached to the motorcycle. You get a clean look when the bags are off and they work with any detachable or hardmount backrest. Some models of motorcycles may require turn signal relocation.

If bolt-on bags are not in your budget, take a look at our throwover saddlebags. Made with the same heavy leather as our bolt-ons, you will not find a better quality or better looking throwover. Every throwover bag has a heavy rubber backing to give it the support you need to tie it down to the saddlebag supports. We have even added plastic to the inner face of the bags to have a rigid look as well.

With all of the saddlebags that we manufacture, customization is not a problem. We can make our bags the way you want it. Some of the items that you can add are pockets, different colors, exotic skins, conchos, colored studs. If one of our styles doesn't suit you, you can have our design team make you a new style to your specifications. We can create a whole package for you. You can match your seat, tank panel, toolbag or any leather item to your saddlebags.

Not sure which bag fits your bike? Give us a call or send us an email. We have been installing bags for over 20 years and can give you suggestions on what will look good and fit your motorcycle. You can also access our picture database of different bags on many models of bikes. You can be assured that when you purchase saddlebags from the Biker's Outfitter, that you are getting the best looking and highest quality luggage in the motorcycle industry.

And as always, they are Made in America!!


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