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Edge Brackets Quick Release Detachable saddlebag system

Edge Brackets system allows you put on or take off your saddlebags in roughly two seconds!


The Edge Brackets system is easy to install and once installed no tools are needed to remove your saddlebags. Edge Brackets are installed by removing the two bolts from your fenders and replacing the two OEM bolts with the Ghost Bracket bolts and hardware which are called "keepers". The Edge Brackets are then bolted on to your saddlebag and simply slide right on to the keepers.

Now with the latest Generation III G3 Edge Brackets you will have the most versatile saddlebag system ever developed.

Made from solid 10 gauge steel, the brackets are specialty pretreated and then black powder coated for durability and good looks. All the hardware provided is stainless steel that is polished to a show room finish. The Generation III Edge Brackets are completely adjustable in every direction allowing you to place your bags on the bike exactly where you need them not only getting you the exact look you desire, but also helping to avoid many undesirable turn signal relocation requirements. Simply slide the bracket on the stainless steel keepers, turn your locking key and the brackets and your expensive saddlebags are safe, securely locked onto your bike. Why settle for just one set of saddlebags? With Edge Brackets your saddlebags are interchangeable allowing for multiple sets of saddlebags to be used.

Victory Polaris Motorcycles

Victory Polaris Motorcycles

The EDGE™ Brackets Quick Release Saddlebag System for Polaris Motorcycles is designed with attention to every detail of functionality, durability and great looks. The Quick release design makes EDGE™ Brackets the best buy when purchasing new saddlebags.  Why ruin your new bags, when you can remove them if you have EDGE™ Brackets installed? Smart choice! We now also offer brackets for the full line of Vicotory models.

Please select your model from the list below to see what we have available for your particular motorcycle.


Victory Classic Cruiser V92C Models


This great little cruiser has been around for years. Most manufacturers have long overlooked it's popularity. Here, at CAO Distributing, Inc., we pay attention to the demands of our customers. With that in mind, we are introducing new fitments of EDGE™ Brackets for owners of the Victory Polaris Classic Cruiser V92C. 

Item Title
Classic Cruiser V92C (2000 - Present)
Classic Touring Cruiser V92C (2000 - Present)
Victory Vegas Models

You've never seen - or experienced - a classic cruiser like this. Introducing the new Victory Vegas line by Polaris. It combines classic cruiser styling with renowned Victory V-twin power in such a striking way that it establishes a new standard for the class- and completes the Polaris Victory line of cruisers. We at Biker's Outfitter, Inc. now bring you EDGE™ Brackets for this new line of Victory V-Twins.

Item Title
Vegas (2003 - Present)
Vegas Low (2008 - Present)
Vegas 8-ball (2005 - Present)
Vegas Jackpot (2006 - Present)
Victory Hammer Models

EDGE™ Brackets Generation III (G3) are the most versatile bracket we have ever developed. This completely adjustable system is designed to adjust from 4 1/2 inches to a wide 10 5/8 inches to accommodate many bike models and bag sizes. These beautiful Victory Hammers are no exception, and, with fitments now available for them, EDGE™ Brackets is your smart choice for a Quick Release Saddlebag System.

Item Title
Hammer (2005 - Present)
Hammer S (2007 - Present)
Victory Kingpin Models


You will not find the same attention to design and quality of products for your Victory Polaris Kingpin cruisers anywhere else in the world. We offer a full line of EDGE™ Brackets for these beautiful models of the new american motorcycle.

Item Title
Kingpin (2004 - Present)
Kingpin 8-ball (2008 - Present)
Kingpin Low (2008 - Present)
Victory Ness Series Models


Nothing screams quality, pride and beauty like the Ness name on a bike. The Victory Ness Series is one of the most beautiful production bikes ever made; so why would you want to hide all that beauty under your saddlebags? With the EDGE™ Brackets Quick Release Saddlebag System, you can have the convenience of having the bags on your bike when you need them and taking them off when you don't.

Item Title
Arlen Ness Jackpot (2006 - Present)
Cory Ness Jackpot (2008 - Present)

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