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Yamaha makes a great looking cruiser, so enjoy the freedom of keeping the original look for your bike.  EDGE™ Brackets allow you to remove your saddlebags and store them in a safe place, and the only "tools" you will need are your bracket keys.

Please select your model from the list below to see what we have available for your particular motorcycle.

Yamaha VStar Models


The Yamaha VStar line is one of the most known motorcycle model lines in the world. We are proud to introduce EDGE™ Brackets fitments for every bike manufactured under the name VStar. With our EDGE™ Brackets Quick Release Saddlebag System, you now can enjoy the convenience of saddlebags on the way to your destination and the slick lines of a racer when you take the bags off.


Item Title
V Star 650 Custom (1997 - Present)
V Star 650 Classic (1997 - Present)
V Star 650 Silverado (1997 - Present)
V Star 950 (2009 - Present)
V Star 1100 Custom (1997 - Present)
V Star 1100 Classic (1997 - Present)
V Star 1100 Silverado (1997 - Present)
V Star 1300 (2007 - Present)

Yamaha Road Star Models


You will not find the same attention to design and quality of products for your Yamaha Road Star cruiser anywhere else in the world. We offer a full line of EDGE™ Brackets for every model of Yamaha Road Star and every possible configuration that came off the assembly line, as well as a number of aftermarket ones. Let's just say we are passionate about the Stars.


Item Title
Road Star (1999 - Present)
Road Star S (1999 - Present)
Road Star Silverado (1999 - Present
Yamaha Royal Star Models


We have this legendary cruiser covered. Our patented design helps your bike keep its original showroom look without any ugly support braces or bulky leather straps. EDGE™ Brackets are practically invisible when your saddlebags are off your motorcycle. With our quick on and off design, EDGE™ Brackets are just what you and your bike need for traveling or just cruising around town.


Item Title
Royal Star (1996 - Present)
Royal Star Tourer (1996 - Present)
Yamaha Roadliner / Stratoliner Models


EDGE™ Brackets Generation III (G3) are the most versatile bracket we have ever developed. This completely adjustable system is designed to adjust from 4 1/2 inches to a wide 10 3/8 inches to accommodate many bike models and bag sizes. For that reason, we are able to bring products to the market faster than other aftermarket manufaturers to accommodate new style Yamaha Roadliner and Stratoliner bikes for 2007 and 2008.

Item Title
Roadliner (2006 - Present)
Stratoliner (2006 - Present)
Yamaha Warrior / Raider Models


The muscle and style of Yamaha sport cruisers has just been improved. Now you can use your Warrior or Raider for more then burnouts at red lights; you can use them for long cross country rides. With the EDGE™ Brackets Quick Release Saddlebag System you can add function to the lineup of features these great machines bring to the table. Have your bags on when you need them and off when you don't.

Item Title
Warrior (2002 - Present)
Raider (2008 - Present)

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